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It is close to thirty years ago that Frank Nichols gave me his approval and chipped in some funds to set up an official Elva Owners Club and very soon after we had some wonderful and well supported reunions for many ex-Elva folk in the south east of England.

There had been other attempts at forming a club but at long last there was an opportunity to seek help and advice for the amazing number of Elva enthusiasts worldwide. I was overwhelmed!


A zillion things have happened since then, with much awareness and continued appreciation of the marque apparent from all the messages that appear in my email Inbox on a daily basis, plus the feature articles published in the various and varied motorsport and classic car magazines in all parts of the world.

It has been a privilege to wave the Elva flag, restore many Elva sports racers and Couriers for a successful return to the race tracks, build two new prototype Elva cars (a Mk.7SR and Courier ERC recreation) and be at the forefront of Elva guiding the marque into the celebration of the Jubilee year, protect the Trade Mark and make so many Elva friends in the process.

And so what for the future?

It has been a long held notion that one day the ELVA marque will return however it has to be in such a way that would retain the spirit and character of the original cars albeit considering modern technology and expectations.

Over the years I have received a number of approaches from people who share the dream of seeing Elva return and there are exciting plans which if successful, will see a stunning road-going sports car once again proudly wearing the Elva badge. Will it happen? Of course! However, just as in the early days, it will require a team effort and the support of individuals and the financial institutions.

Would you like to be involved? What would YOU like to see? Do you have some specialist expertise that could contribute to these plans? We have body and chassis designs, we have scale models, we have a likely power unit and we have some hurdles to jump ... but jump them we will!.

ELVA ... a name from the past with a future...

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