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Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of Elva Cars


50th Birthday Celebration


I am indebted to Stan Mason for his helpful input into this revew of the Elkhart Lake (Road America) weekend which featured Bugatti and of course Elva cars over the weekend 16th-18th October 2005.

The weekend was under the banner of the VSCDA and had been put together by Don Kruzan, Judy Cull and Shirley Murray with the result that there were close to 50 cars (very appropriate!) built by Elva including road-going and trailered cars, and some great racing too.

The two important races for the Elva entrants were the Elva Feature Race and the Enduro Race which included Elva entries from Bob Youngdahl in a Courier, Allan Casavant in a Mk.7, Bob Lojkovic in a Mk.6, Tom Grudovich in a Mk.4 with Bob in his Courier coming a very creditable 10th place. A brilliant result when you see the list of those he beat and then the big engined serious`race cars which finished ahead.

The Elva feature race bought together a wonderful selecton of Elva cars, with the provisional grid showing Lowell Blossom in a Mk.7, Allan Casavant again in a Mk.7, William Johnson in a Mk.8, Bob Lojkovic, Thor Thorson and Connie Nyholm in Mk.7's, Bruce McCaw in a Mk.8, Thor Johnson in a Mk.7S, Tom Grudovic in the Mk.4, Bob Youngdahl in the Courier, Dennis Singleton in a Mk.7S, Richard Stadther and Bob Lembcke in Courier's, Robert Maurer and Tom Strand in Mk.7 and Mk.7S, Bob Cornog in a Courier, Paul Wilson and Fred Burke in Mk.2's, Keith Brown in his Mk.6, Hervey Parke, Nate Scigliano and Henry Morrison in Courier's, Dotti Bechtol in a Mk.4, James Roth in a Mk.6, Steve Foster and Lon McKinstry in Elva Formula Juniors.

Not all entrants made it to the race but not surprisingly the Elva Mk.7's and Mk.8's dominated the final results with the first front engined car past the flag being the Mk.4 driven by Tom Grudovic followed by the Courier of Bob Youngdahl. However the outright winner was William Johnson in the Mk.8, followed by Lowell Blossom and Thor Thorson in the Mk.7's.


So special congratulations to William but a massive round of appause to all those who attended. Stan commented that the Friday Car Show (Concours) was well attended and voted as a success, and Burt Levy was the guest speaker for the Saturday 'Banquet' Dinner which recognised both the Bugatti and Elva marques, and during the weekend some unique trophies made from Courier hubcaps were presented by Don to Elva award winners.

Overall a very special and fitting occasion as part of the Elva Jubilee year. Well done to all involved but a review of communication from event organisers to all those enthusiasts who were left unaware and sometimes frustrated by the lack of news is the first and obvious priority for next time.


Couriers first and last! Superb examples of early Bexhill Mk.1 and Trojan built Mk.IV at RA.


Line up of Elva front-engined sports racers featured in the Elva Concours.

With thanks to Stan Mason and Andy Rich for these images

A youthful Stan Mason with his part rebuilt Mk.III and a lovely Frogeye

Paul Wilson in his impressive Mk.II/III

Just part of the ELVA contingent on show

A great Elva race with Lowell Blossom just ahead of the Mk.8 of William Johnson


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