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  Frank's Wild Years by Simon Taylor
Classic & Sports Car magazine December 2005

An interesting title chosen by Simon for his feature during which he tests 'all' the cars from 10 years prduction - well not really but at least a very good representation of what Frank and his hard working team achieved.

Simon gives a precise if rather brief history (I did add some important points to his draft but as always there were space restrictions) but then he reports on his driving experiences at the tight Curborough circuit in the available selection of cars:

the Courier of Ding Boston,
the front-engined F/J of Crispian Besley,
the Mk.IV of Simon Peach,
the Mk.7S (BMW) of John Monson
and the McLaren-Elva of Roger Dean/Chris Wilson.

Simon is much respected and has excellent and extensive motor sport knowledge so it was good that he much enjoyed his day and had plenty of nice things to say about the cars he drove. He had an interesting aside about 'The Name Game' and the all important input from Doc Jimmy Murphy who suggested the 'elle va' or 'she goes' name to Frank ... as Simon remarked, a modern marketing agency could not have done better, and it would have cost a small fortune too!

Once again Simon Peach did a good job in putting the day together and deserves thanks and of course to Simon Taylor and all the other owners too.

The ex Stirling Moss Mk.7S, owned by John Monson, and beautifully prepped by Don Haldenby.
Ding Boston owns Hastings-built Courier which has been a regular Goodwood Revival contender.
Superb front-engined junior of Crispian Besley was much enjoyed by Simon Taylor.
Elva Mk.IV sports racing owned by Simon Peach and A class winner at Sebring in 1959.
McLaren-Elva Mk.1B of Roger Deans and Chris Wilson.

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