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The Eagle Gurney-Weslake

A tribute to Dan Gurney and Len Terry

A superb limited edition print from Elva

Another Limited Edition Print from Elva Racing and artist Chris Dugan (overall print size 640mm x 450mm).

I suppose there have been thoughts of 'why?' on the official Elva site … has Dunbar completely lost the plot?

Well there is an easy answer …


The Eagle Gurney-Weslake remains probably the most beautiful GP/Indy car ever, Dan Gurney and his AAR Team are the result of a great and skilful driver with tremendous determination and commitment, and Len Terry has proved his undoubted design talent with a variety of outstanding racing and road-going cars. Then there is the 'Elva' connection, or perhaps to be totally accurate the combined efforts of Len Terry and Frank Nichols and their T.A.C. projects. Len and Frank plus a number of people previously involved with 'Elva' worked on the prototype Shelby Can Am car and then the prototype P126 for BRM … now I can tell you are excited and you want to know more, so watch this space and I will explain with nice photos very soon.

Meanwhile, I have just a few of the superb EAGLE GURNEY-WESLAKE Prints signed by both Dan Gurney and Len Terry. Apart from being a wonderful picture, this is a rare and probably unique opportunity to obtain these two important signatures on the Print, and so contact me for full details. You will not be disappointed.

To Order

Artist-only signature - £12 (plus shipping and VAT)
Artist signature plus Dan Gurney, Len Terry, John Lambert - £35
(plus shipping and VAT)

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