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Posted: February 2007 - now SOLD

Elva-Porsche stunner. Chassis Number: 70P/030

The Elva-Porsche is unique in being the first non-Porsche designed and built chassis to be accepted as a Porsche and carry that famous name badge. There were just 19 cars produced at the Rye factory of Elva Cars in the UK and this beautiful example is the second built carrying chassis ID 70P/030.

The proudest moment for Frank Nichols was to see the Elva-Porsche win the coverted Elkhart Lake 500 outright in 1963 in the hands of Bill Wuesthoff and Augie Pabst. The first ever win for an under 2-litre car in this prestigious race. This particular car has been stunningly and correctly restored to the very highest level and comes complete with a large history file detailing everything known about this car and the Elva-Porsche story.

This quality does not come cheap but must be the very best Elva sports racing car currently available.

Price: US$350,000



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