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FOR SALE - 1964 Courier Mk 4-T


Posted: December 2005 - now SOLD
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1964 Courier MK 4-T, Price: £16,500

Manufacturer Serial Number: E1124

The car is a 1964 Elva Courier Mk4-T (independent rear suspension.), with left hand drive. It was imported new into the US and for almost all of its life it has been a “race car” (See history below.) At present the car is in Yorkshire. I bought the car in 1999 in the US and raced it in Texas; when I moved back to the UK, after 12 years in the USA, I brought the car back to the UK with me.

The car is very well sorted and beautifully presented. It has a full race 166bhp @ 6500 rpm race engine built by Kent Prather in Kansas, USA. (Prather is a well know tuner of the 1600/1800 BMC engine he has won the SCCA National G Production class in his MGA 6 times. Check his winning record at www.scca.com – search on Prather.) It has many spares which could be made available including a ZF 5 speed gearbox which was homologated for the Courier Mk 4-T by Elva/Trojan in the 60s. I have a copy of the RAC homologation papers.


The car first raced at Riverside International Raceway in 1966, in near street form by Joel Onstead., Garden Grove, California. It was purchased by Ed Brannon, Scottsdale, Arizona in 1967, when the car was prepared for racing, Ed Brannon finished the race preparation and campaigned the car in SCCA National Races in 1968. The car placed 2nd in the Southern Pacific Division in 1968, one point out of first place. At the 1968 SCCA runoffs, this car finished 11th with a tired motor after having blown the good race engine during practice.

In 1969, the car won D Production and also won the Index of Performance at the Bisbee, AZ, Hill Climb, as well as 1st in a professional race with the Arizona Sports Racing Association.In the late 60’s it was sold to Arlene Emond of Phoenix, Arizona . She raced SCCA National Races for two years and then sold the car to Bill Long of Phoenix, Arizona, through Ed Brannon. The Elva was restored for Bill Long in 1971, again by Ed Brannon. Long raced the car in SCCA National Races in 1971, and sold it back to Arlene Emond, again through Ed Brannon. Arlene raced SCCA National races through 1975 and received several invitations to the National Run-offs. She entered the Runoffs in Atlanta, Georgia in 1974, but did not start after breaking a rear outer axle in practice. She retired from racing in 1975 and sold the car back to Ed Brannon, who again did a major restoration.

The car ran mainly SCCA, Solo 1’s and II’s until 1984 when it was accepted at the Monterey-Historic Races at Lequna Seca, California and was driven by Mark Brannon (son of Ed Brannon). The Elva has been campaigned in vintage Races with BMSA, VARA, ASRA, SVRA, and the Chicago Historic. It was at the Elva reunions in Atlanta, Georgia and at Mid-Ohio in the early nineties (and at the 50 year Elva Anniversary at Mallory Park, UK, 2005). The car again underwent further restoration in 1993.

The car was purchased by the present owner, Chris McGougan, in 1999 and raced in Texas with the Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing (CVAR) at club level. The car has been extensively rebuilt by John Farnsworth of DalTech Racing, Dallas, Texas and is now fitted with a Prather 1800cc B series engine developing 166bhp @ 6500 rpm.

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