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For Sale - Formula Junior 100 Works

Posted: January 2013

Formula Junior 100 Works. Chassis 100/05

One of the earliest Bexhill built Formula Juniors .. a 1959 Elva 'works' car.

Originally fitted with experimental Hillman-Roots engine then changed to BMC. Has had a lot of interesting drivers, Chris Threlfall or Peter Arundell, maybe Bill de Selincourt.

This example of the ELVA F/J runs well, gearbox shifts nicely, superb braking with Alfin drums, all liquids renewed, new fuel tank with foam, new roll-over-hoop (FIA), Weber carbs, correct Elva mag wheels, comes with original FIA papers, excellent overall condition and complete history. Ad den Teuling engine.

This car is well known in FJHRA and the Lurani-Trophy series.

Good cockpit space for the larger drivers.

There are many spare parts including .. wheels and tyres, 5.3 & 4.9 diffs, race block, polished conrods, EN40B-steel crank, new pistons, wizard-cam, 940 cylinder head, AP-clutch, SU-H4 carb-system, drilled lightweight flywheel, and more!

Contact details: Olaf Strauch
Car in currently Germany

Price: £27,000

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