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For Sale - 1959 Elva Courier

Posted: Sep 2009 (Updated Feb 2011)

1959 Elva Courier - Chassis # 100/41/L

General information about the car

1959 Courier 100/41/L purchased as a street through Butch Gilbert in California. Completely striped down and rebuilt to race. All floors and bulkheads are aluminium. Frame strengthened at front suspension and along rails to increase beaming and torsion strength. Front suspension assembly replaced with later geometry design and disk brakes. Rear brakes are aluminium drum General Motors design. All suspension joints are high strength poly compound material. Roll bar configured to provide increased beaming and torsion body strength.

Engine is BMC 1500 built by Tabor Racing engines. Moldex billet crank, carrello rods and venolia pistons. Head is ported and relieved and flowed. Block is reworked for better oil flow. Oil pump gears are steel with Nissan cam shaft regrind for race cam profile. This cam fits all bearing and alignment for valve train. Valve train is roller rocker. Two 2 inch SU carbs. Engine has been dyno tested and track tested for legal displacement. Aluminium radiator completely shrouded. Remote take apart oil filter.

Transmission is Ford 4 speed with straight cut gears and dog clutches. Engine to trans plate is aluminium. Race starter motor. Hood is carbon fiber, (original is available and painted to match existing color layout.) Fuel tank is by Fuel Safe with electric pump, filter and regulator. The original transmission was converted to close ratio and is available.

All original street components are available for conversion. Shame to put this on the street. Engine requires racing fuel. Rear axle shafts are from NASCAR high strength steel and do not fail. Differential is limited slip. Clutch is Tilten with single metal disk and hydraulic through out bearing.

The Courier rear axle is fitted with double outer bearing hubs and the cockpit, engine and fuel bays have a central fire suppressant system. Shock absorbers are adjustable and front stabilizer bar is also adjustable. Ignition is electronic and equipped with rev limiter. Brake master cylinder has adjustable bar to balance brake distribution. All hydraulic and fuel lines are areoquip steel braided. Engine oil pan enlarged and equipped with windage tray.

This car was completed in 1993 and initially raced at Mid Ohio. I campaigned the car through SVRA and HSR with some VSCCA races. I won the SVRA class championships in 1994 and 1995. HSR class championships in 1995 and 1997. Payne Weber Endurance championships in 1994, 95 and 96. Voted best prepared race car several times and was awarded at the beginning of the season, single pre race inspection good for the entire year.

I raced it a few times in 1998 and once in 2000. The photos represent today's condition and were taken the beginning of August 2009.

Some of the race circuits include:

Moroso, Florida, Sebring, Florida, Homestead, Florida, Daytona Beach, Florida, Mid Ohio, Ohio, Pittsburgh Grand Prix, Pennsylvania, Gingerman, Michigan, Elkart Lake, Wisconsin, Atlanta, Brazelton, Georgia, Watkins Glen, NY, Pocono, NY, Summit Point, W., VA and some others. I consistently won first place and it got boring. The car was built and maintained by RM Motorsports of Wixom, Mich and may be contacted to confirm all of the above

As in any serious race program, spares are required. Between each race this car was completely inspected and any part that might be a problem was replaced. Have not experienced a single DNF. Extra differential ratios are available. The original suspension, brakes and drums are in storage. Seats, instrument panel, windshield, top, etc are in storage.

All interesting offers considered.

Please contact me on

John Marcosky

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