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For Sale - Elva Mk. 8S BMW

Posted: January 2011 (now sold)

Elva Mk. 8S BMW Sports Racing Car Chassis# 90/08 (now sold)

Year: October 1966

Chassis#: 90/08

Color: Dark blue with 20 inch white center stripe

History: This is the last of the Elva Mark 8S series cars factory built with the highly successful NERUS-BMW power unit (the final Elva numbered 90/09 was supplied in component form to be fitted with Buick power). Elva Mk.8S 90/08 was shipped new via importer Carl Haas and Fred Opert to first owner Louis Donolo of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The car raced successfully in Canadian and American sports car races. There is an excellent racing history documented with period photos, race results and correspondence from Louis Donolo. There is also original Elva factory technical information, a letter from Elva cars and a complete known ownership history. The car was found as original, complete but un-restored in Quebec during 1991.

Condition: Completely restored by Grand Prix Classics in 1994. The original tubular frame was repaired by former Brabham importer and expert fabricator, Wayne Mitchell. It has been maintained by former Lotus Formula One mechanic Phil Denny of PRD engineering for many years and later Bert Skidmore of Intrepid Racing. In 2010 it had a complete tear down by Dave Vegher's, Veloce Motors to include, new suspension, Koni double adjustable shocks, rebuilt brakes, a light weight body and much more at a cost of $70,000. There are receipts to confirm full details of the work undertaken.

Engine: 2.0 liter BMW with Weber DCOE 45's, Lester Owen rocker arms, Carrello Rods

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