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ELVA cars for sale

This ELVA FORUM gets a huge number of hits on our busy ELVA website and it would be well worth considering placing an advert if you decide to part with your car.

If you want to advertise YOUR ELVA car please visit this page
If you look at the current adverts you will see plenty of information and photos, which in a typical 'Classic' magazine, would cost a fortune for just a 'one off'. The website rates are VERY reasonable and the item stays on the page until sold. Please click here for details.

ELVA cars for sale

The latest cars for sale are listed on the free ELVA forum

"Just a quick note to let you know that my Courier sold last month. From a direct hit on the website. Thanks for providing us this great service."
... ELVA Courier Mk.IV # E1168.

I listed my Elva in several web sites and magazines, and also placed it with with a dealer. It sold quickly to a very suitable new owner through the Elva site, although I had little response from the others. I strongly recommend that owners list their cars here!"
... Elva Mk.7S 70/065.

Thank you for all your help! It has been tremendous to have your backing, and know that the car is going to someone who will really appreciate it. We had ten inquiries in all, another potential buyer was particularly sorry to hear that she had been sold.
... Courier Mk.IV 'T' # E1146.

The ads on the Elva site were the only ones I listed and I had very good response. So thank you very much! ... regards, Kim Eastman

ELVA parts for sale

Many of the latest cars and parts for sale are listed on the free forum

ELVA cars and parts wanted

There is a wanted section on the free forum