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The "Cars for Sale" page gets a huge number of hits on our busy ELVA website so we've opened a WANTED page too.

If you look at the current adverts you will see plenty of information and photo's which in a typical 'Classic' magazine would cost a fortune for just a 'one off' . The website rates are VERY reasonable and the item stays on the page until sold. Please email me for full details.

Elva Courier MK4 race car, any condition
Please call Laurent Fumex on 203 245 0265 (Connecticut, US).
Email: laurane.medical@wanadoo.fr

Car now found (Elva MKIV sports racer wanted)
Do you know of any Mk. IV sportsracer that might be for sale? If not I hope you will keep me in mind should you ever hear of one that is available.

Car now found (Elva Courier Mk 1V T type road going version)

I owned chassis number 1172 for nine years and nearly 100,000 miles - see above photo. Its original number was RADIO as its first owner was Bob Danvers Walker, the radio and film commentator. I want to purchase a similar car


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