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Author:  elvamk2 [ Sun May 30, 2010 3:51 am ]
Post subject:  Elva Drivers

Here are some photos of the original Elva drivers in the USA. I have given the source for each photo when I have one. If you have more information about the original photos please post.

Thanks to the Ralph Treischmann and Charles Kurtz and Millard Ripley families for sharing photos, and to Charles Rahn. Several Elva photos appear on the http://www.barcboys.com/ website with photos taken by Dave Nicholas. Some great Elva shots were taken by Ron Nelson and prints are available at http://www.prairiestreetart.com/. The others are from the 1959 Road America Program or found on the internet. Also thanks to the late Doc Wyllie who was kind enough to respond to my letter regarding the MK III he raced at Sebring.

Please share you own photos of these guys (and of Suzy Dietrich!) if you have them.

Chuck and Suzy Dietrich (I took this photo from the internet but cannot retrace where it appears. Please let me know its source if you can).
File comment: Chuck and Suzy Dietrich.
Chuck-SusieDietrichEweb.jpg [ 183.22 KiB | Viewed 12816 times ]

Charlie Kolb. (Another photo from the internet).
Charlie.Kolb.MKIII.72.jpg [ 79.36 KiB | Viewed 12816 times ]

Frank Baptista. 1958. Frank won the 1958 GM National Championship in a MK III and also driving his Lotus Eleven "Monza" car, the one that Stirling Moss drove at Monza to set speed records for 1100cc cars. The whereabouts of the "Monza" has perplexed Lotus historians for 30 years but the car has recently been discovered in a garage in Florida,,, we think.
Frank.Baptista.1958.jpg [ 91.94 KiB | Viewed 12814 times ]

Author:  steward [ Sun May 30, 2010 11:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Elva Drivers

Thanks for sharing these. Keep them coming. The only Elva I have on film, is on 8mm. I'll see if it can be transfered.


Author:  elvamk2 [ Sun May 30, 2010 5:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Elva Drivers

Here are two more owner/drivers of the late 1950's.

Bill Jordan. Elva MK III.
Bill.Jordan.jpg [ 71.09 KiB | Viewed 12808 times ]

Bill Bradley. Elva MK III. Sebring 1958 car.
Bradley.Sebring.CompPress.1958.jpg [ 75.2 KiB | Viewed 12808 times ]

Bill Bradley. On cover of Competition Press , August, 1958.
Bradley.MKIII.Harewood.Aug58.jpg [ 70.03 KiB | Viewed 12808 times ]

Author:  elvamk2 [ Sun May 30, 2010 6:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Elva Drivers

Two more of our early drivers.

Bill Peters of Minnesota in his MK II. The round roll bar is distinctive as is the chrome "sausage" on the cowling, testament to Bill's ownership of a meat company in the area. (Bill Peters photo).
Bill.Peters.MKII.1960.jpg [ 71.13 KiB | Viewed 12808 times ]

Charles Kurtz. He drove a MK II at Sebring and at MId-West courses. His daughter joined us at Sebring in 2008. Charles passed away in the mid-1960's.
CKurtz-61.jpg [ 117.94 KiB | Viewed 12808 times ]

Here is Kurtz in his MK II at Sebring on the cover of the SCCA magazine.
Kurtz,MKII.Sebring,1958.jpg [ 189.58 KiB | Viewed 12808 times ]

The Elva MK III (or II?) of Kurtz was co-driven by Jo Kammer and Dean Patterson. One of them was on board when it dropped a wheel off course and into the pylons and bales. The car retired with a bad clutch.

image.jpg [ 112.87 KiB | Viewed 4579 times ]

Author:  elvamk2 [ Sun May 30, 2010 6:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Elva Drivers

Three more drivers.
John Bentley, the journalist who drove a MK III at Sebring in 1958. He was last off the grid and the car had motor problems.
John.Bentley.MKII.jpg [ 113.35 KiB | Viewed 12808 times ]

Frank Campbell, a Chicago insurance agent, drove his MK II at Road America in 1958 and '59. Frank passed away in the early 1990's.
Frank.Campbell.jpg [ 76.87 KiB | Viewed 12808 times ]

Owen Coon spoke with me last year about his MKII. He drove it in 1957 and then sold to Ralph Treischmann. Here is Owen's photo in 1959.
Owen_Coon.jpg [ 57.36 KiB | Viewed 12808 times ]

Author:  elvamk2 [ Sun May 30, 2010 6:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Elva Drivers

Millard "Rip" Ripley had a car dealership in Ithaca,New York and raced his MK IIb at Sebring. He later raced a Porsche RS60 and was GM National Champion in 1961 in a Lola MK I. (There are photos taken by Dave Nicholas of Rip at other races and that appear on http://www.barcloys.com website.)

Rip in his Lola ca. 1961. (Photo by Dave Nicholas).
RipRipley,1961.jpg [ 176.54 KiB | Viewed 12806 times ]

Here is Rip at Sebring in his MK IIb. (Photo courtesy Ripley family). Rip's father is behind the car in the white coveralls. Rip was the only Elva driver to finish the race.
Rip.Sebring.1958.ElvaMIIb.jpg [ 43.76 KiB | Viewed 12806 times ]

Donald Peters of New York drove this MK II at Watkins Glen in 1958. He reportedly had one arm but was an accomplished driver. The MK II has the rear "hump" to clear a spare tire (?). The car was entered by Rip but evidently the car was owned by someone else as Rip only owned one Elva, the Sebring car.

Peters.Elva#172.Watkins_Glen-1958.Email.jpg [ 38.21 KiB | Viewed 12806 times ]

Author:  elvamk2 [ Sun May 30, 2010 6:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Elva Drivers

Ralph Treischmann raced in the SCCA for a decade, beginning with a MK II he got from Owen Coon. His daughter Laura sent me several photos of Ralph in his MK II and in a MK VI.

Here is Ralph at Road America in 1958 with a blown engine or (at least) loose oil line. The photo was taken by Ron Nelson, http://www.prairiestreetart.com/
Trieschmann.Color.full.jpg [ 104.14 KiB | Viewed 12806 times ]

Here is Ralph in his MK VI. He later raced in the CanAm series. (Photo courtesy Laura Treischmann).
Treischmann.ElvaMK6.small.jpg [ 44.92 KiB | Viewed 12806 times ]

Charles Rahn bought the Treischmann MK II and raced it in the early 1960's. (Photo from Charles).
Rahn.2..jpg [ 52.87 KiB | Viewed 12806 times ]

Author:  steward [ Mon May 31, 2010 12:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Elva Drivers

Very nice. Your fortunate to have access to them. Again, Thanks. Keep sharing.


Author:  elvamk2 [ Mon May 31, 2010 5:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Elva Drivers

Jesse "Doc" Wyllie was a stalwart in early SCCA history and his recent passing has saddened us all. What memories he must have had. He was a gracious man: I wrote a letter addressed to "Jesse Wylie" two years ago, asking about his "father" and about the Elva MK III that Doc raced at Sebring in 1958. Doc replied himself, telling me he was "pretty ancient" but much alive, and then thanked me (!) for writing saying the letter had made his day. Doc is best remembered for the Lotus MK IX and a Lotus Eleven that he and wife Peg drove, and for the very fast Lola MK I he raced in the early 1960's. (The Lola was believed owned by Tom Thinensen for many years. Tom now owns a MK VI).

Doc entered an Elva MKIII with 1500cc DOHC Climax at the 1958 Sebring but crashed in practice. His two-page letter explains the circumstances and what became of the car and motor.

Wylie.p1.small.jpg [ 142.86 KiB | Viewed 12796 times ]

Wylle.p2.small.jpg [ 120.72 KiB | Viewed 12796 times ]

I believe the following photo is from Dave Nicholas (can you verify this, Dave?) and shows Doc at Sebring.
wyllie600x329.jpg [ 46.11 KiB | Viewed 12796 times ]

Author:  elvamk2 [ Mon May 31, 2010 11:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Elva Drivers

Tom Greatorex raced at the Watkins Glen "Formula Libre" race in 1959. (Photo appears on the Barcboys website http://www.barcboys.com/). Tom later became a mechanic for Carroll Shelby and presumably brought the Elva to California when he moved there to work. The car was owned by Henry Schmidt of San Diego for 15 years and is now in the UK.
59WGFL-5ElvaMkIII,Greatorex.jpg [ 193.7 KiB | Viewed 12789 times ]

Joe Mayer and his wife raced a MK II in the early 1960's. One event was at Lake Garnett, Kansas, in 1960. This photo appears to be of Mrs. Mayer.
1960LakeGarnet.Mayer.jpg [ 95.66 KiB | Viewed 12789 times ]

Here is Joe at Stuttgart, Arkansas, in a 1963 photo that appeared on the internet. It appears the paint has been removed and the gas tank inlet moved forward from the original placement.
'63.jpg [ 106.93 KiB | Viewed 12789 times ]

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