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1963 Elva Mk7 #70/010 
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Post 1963 Elva Mk7 #70/010
I am looking for information about my 1963 Elva Mk7, chassis 70/010. The only information I got, is that it was originally shipped directly from the factory to US, and that it had an FWB engine and it was painted red!
Well from the very limited documentation I´ve got I can gather that it has been driven in the Chicago region. A few original bills comes from suppliers in Chicago, Illinois. Apparently a workshop called Tambourine Motors in Glenview, Illinois has serviced the car on a regular basis in the late sixties.
A practice schedule suggests that it´s been driven at the SCCA Regional Championship Race, at Blackhawk Farm Raceway, august 10&11, 1974.
Somewhere along the line (late sixties) it received a Gordini engine supplied by Franco American Motors, Glendale CA.
The car will hopefully be ready to race again this summer, and I would be so nice to know a bit more about it- can anyone help?

Tue May 04, 2010 8:53 pm

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Post Re: 1963 Elva Mk7 #70/010
Have you contacted anyone in the SCCA region that has the records of events ? Do you have info on any previous owners ? Awhile back I posted a request asking if anyone knew about mine. I found about 20 + car clubs in the general area of where I purchased the car, and sent each a email, asking for info. I lucked out, and found who the PO was, and that there was no race history. Check around, I'll bet someone will reply. Let us know.


Sat May 08, 2010 4:53 am

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Post Re: 1963 Elva Mk7 #70/010
ran across 3 year old post by "hulot" i am the former owner of elva 7 #70/010. i raced it with the gordini 1100 TC engine in US SCCA central division 1975 thru 1979. I have some old photos if anyone is interested.

Many Gordini spares and history have been accumulated by south of Stuttgart.


Sat Jun 01, 2013 6:43 pm

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Post Re: 1963 Elva Mk7 #70/010
After a bit more research, chassis 70/010 is first mentioned with Jesse Dooman at Wilmot, WI on May 5, 1963 with Cov. Climax engine; same driver and engine on July 28, 1963 at Bloomington, MN . . . (Wimpffen results pp.201 and 219 )

Car 70/010 continued with Jesse Dooman, Chicago area driver's school and Wilmot, WI races; . . . July 19, 26 1964. . . . OSCA powered . . . (Wimpffen results page 263-264 )

Next mention is Jack Brady, probably JackB, Road America . . . 1975 . . . CSR with Renault Gordini power . . . (Wimpffen p. 537 )

You might want to contact Jack for previous history and owner.

I believe you know of Fukai in Pleasant Prairie, WI; recent owner

I hope this helps you out. . . . . A little knowledge (mine) is a dangerous thing.
Gary Cossaboon
Registry guy

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Post Re: 1963 Elva Mk7 #70/010
We need to be grateful that following the move to Hastings, the general manager at ELVA, Bill Meace, made brief but extremely helpful notes on the cars produced without which there would be nothing! While applauding the amazing race results record amassed by Janos, there needs to be a measure of caution before all histories are set in stone. There was just one factory built Mk.VII-Osca being chassis 70/029 which was also coloured red being the last car produced late 1963 before the Mk.VIIS appeared. So was 70/010 fitted with an Oscar unit by Dooman, probably, or could the #10 and #29 wires be crossed? The results listings show a Mk.VII-Osca campaigned by Ronnie Groves post September 1967, but no chassis number given.

Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:10 am

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Post Re: 1963 Elva Mk7 #70/010
I have been away form the project for a while, but the restoration is going on and so is the search for the history
of #70/010. According to Janos Wimpffen, Jacques Grelley drove a Mk7 with a Gordini engine and states that it was "possibly the only Elva so equipped". Well when I bought the car it was indeed fitted with a Gordini engine. And the rear body has a duck tail. So is my car Grelleys car?
In the sparse documentation I have got with the car Mr. Grelleys name is mentioned with an address (853 Pine Grove) and some phone numbers.
Apparently the Gordini engine was supplied by a company called Franco-American Motors, and spares was supplied by a company called Tambourine Motors 1501 Waukegan Road, Glenview, Ilinois. Spares were bought at Tambourine Motors in between 67-69, so the Gordini engine was fitted in that period.I have no documentation suggesting that the car was running with an Osca engine. But I have no papers bills or anything prior to 1967, so it doesn't
prove much.
As far as I can gather from the information from Roger Dunbar and this thread the original owner was Jesse Dooman. He bought the car from the factory with a factory fitted Climax engine #11105 according to the chassis plate,
Jesse Dooman later fitted the car with an Osca engine??
Then Jacques Grelley raced #70/010 and fitted a Gordini engine in the late 60´s??
Later Jack Brady raced the car with the Gordini engine in 1975-79.

I would love to receive more information from Mr. Jack Brady if that is still possible. So if you read this Jack B please come forward and help me fill in the gabs!

Sat Sep 19, 2015 8:43 pm

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Post Re: 1963 Elva Mk7 #70/010
I know this is an older thread. I don't know if you're still looking for information. I was just told "In 1972 Chicago Region newsletter with the final point standings list CSR Bruce Nesbitt 3rd in a Elva Piranha..John Spinello in an Elva Mk7 in 7th place, Richard Kennedy 8th in a Elva Mk6 and Guy Revesz in a Elva Mk7 tied for 11th. In an ad for this car in the same newsletter it is Renault Gordini powered."

I have inquired what he meant by "this" car. Perhaps Guy Revesz?

Richard Kennedy is racing the Mk6 that is now ours. I talk to Richard from time to time. He is in his 80s and is a blast to talk to.

We're looking for the Elva that Bruce raced. He and I are in touch. The phrase "Piranha" has never come up before. I just emailed him to see what that meant. I do know that it was usually VW powered when he raced it, then it got a 1800cc Datsun engine. It then disappears. But, that's for another thread.

Bruce just emailed back. Yes, "Piranha" was what they called it. It was the VW engined one. Wish I could find it.

Fri Jul 24, 2020 5:40 pm
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