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FIA issues with regard to Weber carbs DCOE v DCO3 - update
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Author:  ElvaRacingRoger [ Sat Apr 20, 2019 9:19 am ]
Post subject:  FIA issues with regard to Weber carbs DCOE v DCO3 - update

This is an update from Jim Lowry who has owned a number of ELVA cars and is much respected as a knowledgeable technical inspector on behalf of the FIA

This is a general email to many persons by Jim as an update to the issues raised by the FIA ...

Dear All
I understand the topic of DCOE Weber carburetors fitted to single and two seater racing cars from period E was recently discussed by the FIA technical committee (TWG).
I have not heard what if anything was actually concluded, however I have heard the TWG are now fully aware there is much confusion but are upmost keen to keep the information displayed on each HTP to be period correct and as accurate as possible.
Whilst I appreciate the rarity of some period parts and their unavailability, even so, it would be own opinion any HTP should only show the correct period information. Thereafter it would be any event or series organiser’s choice, and some say failing to accept anything else.
I do not know what will happen with 1950’s cars previously issued with HTPs displaying DCOE carburetors, but I can confirm this week that I “tested the water” and submitted an HTP application for a Lotus Eleven fitted with 40DCOE carburetors. This application was immediately returned, not accepted and the reply from the FIA requested evidence that this car, or any identical car competed Internationally in period, fitted with the same type and size of carburetors.
Note; “and size”.
After much research of my own and with much help from many other persons, the only DCOE fitment found and earliest documented so far was to Cooper and Lotus 1.5litre Formula 2 cars in mid-1960, plus the Alfa Romeo engine Lotus 18 pictured we believe in very late 1960.
Production type cars are less of a problem helped by period E running to the end of 1961.
By this time DCOE carburetors were far more common and several makes and models had them fitted and these are shown in the period Weber catalogue and on each car’s homologations, etc.
It would appear however from now onwards, any fitment of DCOE carburetors, and especially to a 1960 car or earlier will need period evidence of such “type and size” fitment.


Author:  Philbel [ Mon Apr 22, 2019 2:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: FIA issues with regard to Weber carbs DCOE v DCO3 - upda

I'm having the same quest, tough !!!!

Author:  elvamk2 [ Sun Apr 28, 2019 2:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: FIA issues with regard to Weber carbs DCOE v DCO3 - upda

I’ve read (and somewhere have a copy) of a 1958 letter written by Coventry Climax Ltd. to someone who had asked if they supplied their FWB’s with Weber’s. They replied that they did not recommend the use of Weber’s on their FWB. There claimed there was no appreciative increase in hp and add3d there was a lower torque rating. They suggested using SU 1 1/2” carbs. The letter might have been reprinted in an HLR magazine 20 years ago.

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