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Author:  ElvaRacingRoger [ Sun Sep 18, 2016 8:42 am ]

This message received from John Turner ...

" Dear All,

First of all my apologies to those of you hoping or expecting a Courier class in this year’s John Gross Memorial Trophy at the Castle Combe Autumn Classic. I will simply say that I was not party to that decision, until after it had been made!

However, my main purpose for sending this to all who race Couriers is to ask whether you would be interested in having your own class in a race likely to be at the Bentley Drivers Club, Silverstone meeting in the first week of August (probably the 5th) next year?

As you will probably know, this meeting has a lovely old fashioned club atmosphere all of its own but like so many, some of its grids have been suffering in recent years. I, along with a few others, have been asked by BDC to help them revamp some of their races; the reason being that this year FISCAR ran a successful Inter-Marque race there and, separately, I also ran the Bic Healey race, both of which they have indicated they are likely to run again next year.

One of the races they are looking closely at, and likely to change, is the MG T register/AC/Morgan race. This year no MG Types or ACs entered, the latter all running in the FISCAR and Bic Healey races. The grid was therefore confined to a variety of MGA’s fitted mainly with overbored MGB engines and a range of 4 cylinder Morgans of varying production dates. Since it makes sense to drop the ACs, but retain the eclectic nature of this race, I have suggested to BDC that a class for Elva Couriers (subdivided if necessary to recognise the different engine specs) would be a good and an interesting match up with the MGAs and Morgans, and I have also suggested maybe a class for the even rarer Reliant Sabre 6s of which less than half a dozen race and never together. I realise that this is some way ahead and that we would have to firm up on tyres (Dunlop Ls?) but does this interest you, in principle? The opportunity to have at least a second race in the day is likely as BDC will certainly retain one of it’s Allcomers handicap and/or Allcomers scratch races.

If it appeals, it occurs to me that the Elva group might want to make it a day out for all Elva owners and/or enthusiasts.

I’d be grateful if you copied this in to anyone with a racing Courier or Elva interest and look forward to a response."

John can be contacted at johnturn@btinternet.com

It would be good to make this a further ELVA gathering at a superb circuit with every facility for a successful event.

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