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  VFS DVD "Elva 50th Anniversary 2005"
from Mallory Park

This DVD has just been released by VFS and features the ELVA races held at Mallory Park, and in particular the ELVA Formula Junior entrants/drivers, cars, practice session and race at this memorable meeting.

The practice was shot from a single camera location, has a few commentary slips but overall is a great review of the eighteen ELVA F/J's and the one lonely but historically important Moorland on track. The actual race gets more exciting with the three ELVA Junior types all dicing with much enthusiasm and determination!

The paddock interviews by Peter Jackson were rather spoilt by poor sound with intrusive background noise, but nevertheless good to see so many owners enthusing and having fun, including Alan Patterson who flew in from the States to race the car he personally bought from Frank Nichols close to fifty years ago ... what a superstar.

The final segment features highlights from the superb ELVA sports car race with the prize giving fun to round off an important recording of a unique occasion. While not of top professional quality this DVD is well worth adding to your motorsport collection.

"Right-click and save" either of these links for a 45 second sample from the DVD:

Price and DVD format are being finalised so please contact me for further details.

Roger Dunbar


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