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Robbie Mackenzie-Low
1931 - 2004


It was a general practice day at Brands Hatch during early 1955 that Frank Nichols spoke to Robbie Mackenzie-Low and offered him a few laps in the Elva prototype "JPN 875".

Proudly Scottish, Robbie had raced and rallied in Jowett Javelins and a Jupiter, progressing on to a Cooper Mk.VII (F3 car) and a Cooper-Bristol.

Robbie had started the '55 season in a Cooper but decided to sign with Frank and the blossoming Elva team for the rest of the season.

He won his first outing at Aintree and the next day went with Keith Marsden to the famous Prescott Hill and took another 'first' and the class record. Not bad when one considers that this was Robbie's first attempt at a hillclimb and clearly indicates his impressive driving skills, which continued throughout his long association with Elva.

He drove in many races and track tested prototypes through to the Elva Mk.IV, however, family pressures brought about his early retirement from the sport and he started a new life in the States during 1959.

A series of happy coincidences lead him to be reunited with his ex. 'works' car much later. It happened that Robbie and his wife Susan returned to his beloved Scotland, I bought and restored 'KDY 68' and Lord March re-opened the historic and magical Goodwood motor circuit. We received an invitation to attend the first Revival Meeting in 1998, and standing on the 'Dream Grid' with Robbie alongside many of the greatest cars and drivers the world has ever seen, was a dream come true and a fantastic privilege.

It is just one of many of the wonderful memories I have of Robbie, a true gentleman and an extremely talented racing driver.

Thank you Robbie for those irreplaceable memories and I hope that you will now be recalling many amazing Elva moments with 'Father' Frank over a 'wee dram'.

I know that everyone associated with 'Elva' will extend our thoughts and sympathies to Susan and all family members.

Roger Dunbar


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