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While it seems to take forever to get things to happen, there are now two small but hopefully interesting Elva displays worth visiting when you have the chance.

Bexhill Museum, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex

The south coast town where all this happened was Bexhill-on-Sea, the home of motorsport in the UK as the very first race for motor vehicles was held along the promenade in 1902. A little early for Elva otherwise Frank would have undoubtedly won, but it was in the mid Fifties that the very first cars were built in London Road, Bexhill.

It was therefore long overdue for the local museum to recognise the achievements of Frank Nichols and all his team, and I have therefore set up a display showing some of the early history including an example of the LRG/ELVA I.O.E conversion which was the ‘bread-winner’ for the Elva Engineering Company for some years.

August 2006 - some news about Bexhill Museum

Click the images to see the brochure in more detail

The museum website www.bexhill-museum.co.uk

Sparksford Motor Museum. Yeovil, Somerset

The first is at the Haynes Motor Museum in Sparkford near Yeovil in Somerset, thanks for the kind help and interest of Mike Penn, the Curator, and Mr John Haynes OBE. You will be aware, I am sure, of the Haynes Publishing Group, who produce many and various publications, particularly those of a transport theme - together with the famed Haynes manuals, which have provided help and valuable information to professional and home mechanics for many years.

Mr. John Haynes once successfully raced an Elva Courier which now resides in the museum having been secretly been found and purchased by family and colleagues as a special Christmas present to the ‘Boss’. The ELVA-BMW Mk.7S owned by Stirling Moss sits alongside the Courier. A short distance away is a display of various cups etc. awarded to Frank Nichols in the early days of the C.S.M. and Elva Engineering.

The URL for the Haynes Motor Museum is www.haynesmotormuseum.co.uk and the Haynes Group website is www.haynes.com.


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