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Knowing how much time and effort has been going into "The Cars Just Happen - The Story of Elva" written by Janos Wimpffen, I was a more than a little surprised to receive a telephone call from John Dowdeswell of Brooklands Books saying 'we are publishing a book about Elva .. would you help?'

Elva Sports Racers - a Brooklands Road Test Portfolio

My initial caution gave way to careful enthusiasm as I realised that this publication would not clash with the Wimpffen book as it is made up of 160 pages of articles and road/track tests of the various cars built by Elva, and it is a very good read!

Brooklands Books have a long history of similar publications and the books are very professional with much to discover between the covers! I thought I knew something about Elva but there are articles that I have not previously seen so this should appeal to anyone wanting to learn more about the cars, detailing the wide variety of types built at the various locations in the SE of England and the people involved. Even the diehard Elva enthusiasts will enjoy it so be sure to put this on your shopping list.

As the Wimpffen history is a few months away you have plenty of time to keep the piggy-bank topped up in anticipation of your next Elva book purchase.

If you order via the Brooklands Books website be sure to enter the discount code "ECRP".


Price is £19.95 but discounts to £17.95 using the above code.

You can order online or by telephone +44 (0)1932 865051 or Fax: +44 (0)1932 868803.
Email: info@brooklands-books.com

If online please go to www.brooklands-books.com and enter Elva into the search option to lead to the order page. You can enter the code ECRP as you check out. Meanwhile take a look at the amazing range of titles. Good that Elva has now been added to this huge library.

Roger Dunbar


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