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  Bexhill Museum (August 2009)

Job Done! She Goes!

On Friday 31st July 2009, the refurbished and extended Bexhill Museum opened its doors to the public once again, and the Elva-Climax Mk.III took pride of place in the Motoring Gallery.

It has been a long and occasionally fraught process, but the end result is pretty spectacular and the car certainly has the ‘WOW!’ factor and has already been much admired. I plan to bring the full story up-to-date soon but meanwhile some pictures hopefully of interest.

Left-Right: Bob Curl, RAD, Alan Jenner, Tony Recknell and Len Sayers

It has been a privilege to be involved in this very important project and work along side Project Manager Peter Brown, and Elva people Bob Curl, Len Sayers, Tony Recknell and experience the craftsmanship of Alan and Ian Jenner who produced the superb bodywork. Grateful thanks to Barry Sheraton who built up the Climax unit and of course Peter Fairhurst, John Betts, Julian and Don from the Museum. Lots of others to thank including folk on both side of the Pond who contributed funds or just took an interest. Thanks guys and gals.

Bexhill Museum and the MkIII project


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