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Sell your ELVA via

Sell your Elva

You've reached this page because you're thinking of selling your Elva. If you just want to dive in, then just give us the information and then we will come back to you if there are any queries. The more information you give, the better your listing will look.

This is the minimum that we need ...

  • Your name, email and phone number
  • Country where the car is located
  • Elva Model and chassis number
  • Price to sell for, including currency
  • Description
  • Any special modifications
  • Any competition history
  • Additional info you want to tell us (that won't be listed)

Send the email to . There is, of course, no commitment at this stage.

You can send images to . Please ensure that images are not too large otherwise they will need to be resized. If several images, then please sent them spread across a few emails so that you don't break any email limits (yours or ours). Or use a free service like to send them to the email address.

Once the advertisement is prepared and goes live on the site we will notify you so that you can check all the details. When the car is sold, we ask you for a contribution of 0.5% of the selling price to cover our time and input involved in servicing this website. You can of course request updates or amendments to the advertisement later if required.

If you would prefer to place the advertisement yourself, then you can register on our Forum, where you can add and promote your own advert. Go to this 'For Sale' link. Remember that you will need to register if you have not used the Forum previously. Please read this information message about selling via the Forum. Thank you and GOOD LUCK.

Roger Dunbar